The Visionairs

The Visionairs

This curated selection celebrates the work of bold and imaginative filmmakers who push the boundaries of visual and narrative art.

The Visionairs
  • American Rouge

    An epileptic writer seeks success in bustling New York, only to find its chaos mirroring his internal battles. Amid his own visions, the Statue of Liberty becomes a sensuous tango dancer, emblematic of both his desires and the elusive 'Big Dream' he pursues.

  • The Eve

    Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night befo...

  • Lost Souls Archive

    In a near-future world, inventor Nicholas Zara's groundbreaking AI invention, 'The Archive,' aimed at saving depressed souls, malfunctions. As two patients' realities collide within the system, Nicholas and his sentient AI assistant, Caoimhe, race to fix the glitches, forcing them to confront the...

  • Kuleshov Effect

    When a man grapples with the terrifying possibility of going blind, his world unravels into a surreal odyssey through his innermost fears and desires. As he confronts his inner demons and struggles to find meaning in darkness, he discovers that love and identity can transcend the boundaries of si...