In a world of shattered dreams and resilient spirits, one story unfolds, revealing the raw emotions that define the human experience.

  • Between the Words

    Frédéric, a young law student afflicted with a stutter, must pass an oral exam for his last online assignment. His stutter threatens to get in his way, and so he attempts everything to get rid of it.

  • On/Off

    In a touching cross-cultural tale, an Afrikaans-speaking man breaks through language barriers to aid his elderly German neighbour in her hour of need, discovering profound insights about his own identity along the way.

  • 2:32AM

    Two strangers connect over shared feelings of aimlessness, loneliness and the desire for genuine friendship.

  • Living in Anger

    When a criminal on the run tries to reconnect with his younger brother, he learns of a dark family secret that will change their lives forever.