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UK Short Films

UK Short Films

These shorts offer a captivating glimpse into the UK's vibrant underground film scene, where creativity knows no bounds.

UK Short Films
  • Man to Man

    A father and son's clash of ideals takes an unexpected turn when they step into a boxing ring, not to exchange blows, but to exchange truths, challenging their understanding of masculinity and redefining their relationship.

  • The Nautilus Mutiny

    When dyslexic ex-criminal Lester Landon, desperate for redemption, aims to leave his shady watch dealership job behind, he must complete a final heist to secure his freedom.

  • The House in the Middle of the Sea

    As WWII nears its end, the Brouwer family is cornered in their attic by the German-flooded Netherlands. Struggling with depleting supplies, they grapple with a fateful decision: remain in their waterlogged home or brave Nazi-occupied territory for survival.

  • If We Are Here, It Means We Didn't Make it

    In a world ravaged by a deadly virus, James' desperate search for salvation takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Lucy, a mysterious girl who might hold the key to his redemption.

  • Green Lanes

    Haringey, North London. Present day. When Yusuf brings his girlfriend Fiona home to finally meet his Turkish parents, the family has to deal and remember a tragedy.

  • Dance, You Are Alive

    "Dance You Are Alive" is a one-of-a-kind Music Video that seamlessly blends Dance, Music, Animation, and Lego into a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience. This project not only pays homage to those cherished childhood memories.