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  • Fractalis

    This documentary portrays the process by which 'Fractalis: Concert for Piano and Orchestra' by Gabriela Ortiz emerges from the pandemic and interacts with the space of the Nezahualc├│yotl concert hall and its musicians. It embarks on a symphonic journey that delves into questions such as: What is ...

  • Saturnalia

    Saturnalia: Unbinding Fetish Fashion is an intimate docu-film celebrating the eclectic desires and fashions of London's Fetish community. While acknowledging fashion's history of Fetish appropriation, it spotlights Fetishists who are preserving a legacy of kink innovation and acceptance.

  • Rice Connections

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in late October 2020, Malaysian contemporary dancer Aida Redza, known for her collaborative rice-themed works, undertook an artistic venture. She grew a paddy plot from scratch, involving co-collaborators in the crop's life-cycle stages, ultimately crafting a stunning d...