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The Docu-World

The Docu-World

Explore the real world through the lens of truth and storytelling.

The Docu-World
  • Racing Thoughts

    A candid and close-up portrayal of the ultimate trial of determination, strength, and mental fortitude—the Ironman Triathlon, renowned as one of the world's most demanding athletic competitions.

  • Saturnalia

    Saturnalia: Unbinding Fetish Fashion is an intimate docu-film celebrating the eclectic desires and fashions of London's Fetish community. While acknowledging fashion's history of Fetish appropriation, it spotlights Fetishists who are preserving a legacy of kink innovation and acceptance.

  • Unconquered

    The true story of two elite soldiers severely injured in the line of duty. “Unconquered” charts their inspiring journey from the depths of despair to break the chains of life changing injuries to rise again.