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Out of Competition

Out of Competition

Explore the uncharted territory of cinema where the unexpected takes center stage.

Out of Competition
  • Living in Anger

    When a criminal on the run tries to reconnect with his younger brother, he learns of a dark family secret that will change their lives forever.

  • Alison

    Nick never wanted to commit – until now. He does what any normal person would do and gets a huge tattoo of his girl's name. It's the perfect plan, except for the tiny thing that she's seeing someone else.

  • La Mia Italia

    Fighting on the battlefield, Sante, a young Italian partisan, has been held in an Albanian prison camp, nearby the Devoll river.
    The memory of his long-lasting Love for Elsa is all that keeps him going.

  • American Rouge

    An epileptic writer seeks success in bustling New York, only to find its chaos mirroring his internal battles. Amid his own visions, the Statue of Liberty becomes a sensuous tango dancer, emblematic of both his desires and the elusive 'Big Dream' he pursues.