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International Films

International Films

Discover the world through the lens of global storytellers in our International Films collection.

International Films
  • Gift

    Amidst the chaos sparked by a hen's arrival, a delightful but naughty dog embarks on a journey to recover a beloved toy, unraveling a heartwarming story of growth and maturity

  • 2:32AM

    Two strangers connect over shared feelings of aimlessness, loneliness and the desire for genuine friendship.

  • 600 Grammes

    Eve, tired of living as a 'pair of tits on legs' and plagued by daily challenges, considers breast reduction surgery. But when she learns it's reimbursed only if 600 grams are removed, she's faced with a dilemma: to operate or not? Amidst the opinions of others, Eve embarks on a journey to break ...

  • On/Off

    In a touching cross-cultural tale, an Afrikaans-speaking man breaks through language barriers to aid his elderly German neighbour in her hour of need, discovering profound insights about his own identity along the way.

  • Disappeared Internet

    Andrea, an aloof individual engrossed in his virtual world, embarks on a quest to restore genuine human connections, believing in the power of chance encounters.

  • Fatih Le Conquerant

    Amidst the lively Turkish wedding festivities at Espace Venise on a Saturday, 21-year-old Fatih finds himself inside a car in the parking lot, nursing a secret wish to marry Ipek, who happens to be the sister of his friend Recep.

  • R.I.P Madame Joseph

    Clemence and Charlie, the most inept city hall employees in France, begrudgingly tasked with handling Mrs. Joseph's funeral, discover a hidden letter in her pocket that sets them on an unexpected journey to fulfil her dying wish: to witness snow for the first time, leading them on a comedic and h...

  • Car Spotter

    Peo's obsession with car spotting adds a quirky touch to his routine, until his innocent hobby risks to jeopardize his most cherished relationship.

  • Between the Words

    Frédéric, a young law student afflicted with a stutter, must pass an oral exam for his last online assignment. His stutter threatens to get in his way, and so he attempts everything to get rid of it.

  • Nothing Special

    Superpowers in hand, Jack aims to train under a famed superhero. But a clash between his Aussie father's values and heroic dreams thrusts him into an electrifying battle where family and ambition collide.